Tricana Imports was founded in 1978.
Sam Levitas, a native New Yorker, with years of experience in all aspects of the wine industry, had been the owner since the beginning. In 2016 Garry Tornberg purchased Tricana from Sam. Garry is also an industry
veteran since 1971. Sam remains with Tricana as a valued consultant.

Its suppliers have granted Tricana exclusive rights for the sale and distribution of their wines in the United States, and includes some renowned producers as well as various smaller boutique wineries with high-end wines.
Tricana Imports’ main office is in New York and has direct distributorship in
New York and New Jersey.
Tricana now has an Italian portfolio consisting of more than 250 different wines by 35 producers in Italy.
While the company specializes in Italian wines, it has expanded it’s portfolio into France, Spain, Israel and Argentina in keeping with its motto
“Where Quality and Value Come First”.